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Auto experts recommend against opting for cheap tyres because where the rubber meets the road can be critical to safety and performance. Therefore, even a good car with bad tyres can be dangerous.

The equivalent contact between racket and ball may not be quite as critical in racket sports but you get the idea: a good racket with worn or incorrect strings is a bad racket. And if you want to play well, perform to your potential and play the best shots possible, you need to look after your strings and replace them as often as you can.

Set up to suit your playing style

Set up to suit your playing style

Professional players replace rackets frequently during a match, sometimes with every ball change. They are concerned with minute losses in tension and changes in temperature. We’re not suggesting you go that far.

Nevertheless, if you’re pulling a racket out of your bag that you last played with a couple of summers ago, it’s unlikely to be in optimum condition. Perhaps you are sticking by a racket that you have been playing with all season – do you really expect it to perform as well as when it was freshly strung?

When a racket doesn’t seem to be performing as it should or as it used to, some people simply leave it at the back of the cupboard and buy a new one. That could be a waste of a good racket. Consider giving your racket a makeover with fresh strings and you will be surprised at how good it feels – like having a brand new racket, without the expense.

StringFix attends to every detail

StringFix attends to every detail

At StringFix we will work with you to set up the racket in a way that matches your needs. We will be happy to recommend the right string, the best string pattern and perfect tension to suit your playing style. Alternatively, if you already know just what you want, we will work to your precise specification, producing the racket just the way you like it.

If you wish to discuss your restringing or racket requirements, please contact StringFix by using the contact form or telephone Peter Dalton on 07840 949361.

Equally, if you just want some advice on racket technology and what might suit your style of play, please feel free to get in touch and ask for Peter.

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